Electrical Inspection and Testing Portsmouth

If your electrical car stops working for an insufficient reason, then our service of electrical inspection and testing in Portsmouth is entirely yours.

We know it’s hard to find exemplary service that matches your budget criteria and helps to prevent practicable inspection, but choosing our service means you’re free from massive danger. We have a dedicated electrical inspection and testing team that regulates to maintain your vehicle’s reliability. If any issue is found, our technician team will immediately solve the problem.

What to Expect from Our Electrical Inspection and Testing Portsmouth?

Comprehensive electrical check:
Our electrical inspection and testing team inspects all circuits, electrical components, fuses, wiring harnesses, electrical distribution systems, electrical lines, and other electrical items of your vehicle.
PAT testing:
Our electrical inspection and testing team also provides PAT Testing. Portable Appliance Testing is the process of measuring electrical safety by evaluating electrical devices for their electrical integrity, electrical insulation, ground continuity, and Earth leakage current.
Diagnostic Check:
Whenever a failure occurs in your electric vehicle, our technician team will diagnose the issue using various diagnostic tools. We may also refer to OBD codes or test equipment data to determine the exact cause of the failure.
Identification of voltage drops:
Our electrical inspection and testing team will identify any electrical problem and fixes it before further damage. Also, we inspect the voltage drops of your vehicle in order to identify electrical problems associated with electrical components or wires.
Circuit testing:
Our electrical inspection and testing team will inspect all circuits associated with the electrical system of your vehicle and make sure that they are functioning properly. We have state-of-the-art tools and equipment to carry out circuit analysis and tests.
Diagnostic tests:
We also perform diagnostic tests on your car’s electrical system to ensure its functionality. This helps us to determine if any part is malfunctioning or not, and needs replacement or repair services. Furthermore, our experienced technicians can check the electrical system of your car for potential electrical faults.
Evaluation of electrical installation:
Our electrical inspection and testing team will evaluate the electrical installation condition report of your vehicle. This includes checking the electrical wiring, grounding systems, electrical outlets, switches, motors, transformers, and other electrical components.
Visual inspection:

We carry out a visual inspection of your electrical system to check for any broken wires, worn-out components, or defective electrical connections. We also inspect the electrical wiring and electrical outlets to make sure that they are in good condition and meet safety standards.

After our comprehensive electrical inspection and testing, you can be sure that your vehicle is safe to use as it should be. So if you’re looking for reliable electrical inspection and testing services in Portsmouth, then don’t look further than us! Contact us today for more information about our services.

We maintain your vehicle’s safety:

Our team of electrical inspection and testing in Portsmouth is fully experienced and professional to ensure compliance and safety. We also provide periodic inspection and testing according to our client’s demands.
Our overall inspection process involves statutory and preventive electrical testing under the electro-technical standard. If you need further assistance, consult us at Big Fish EA Ltd.

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