Mandatory Electrical Safety Checks for Tenanted Property

Have You Missed the April 1st 2021 Deadline?

Current regulations required Landlords to have ensured their tenanted properties had a Satisfactory Electrical Safety Certificate in place by the 1st of April 2021. This would have involved the initial test and report, the Electrical Installation Condition Report, which would have then confirmed whether the electrics within the property were safe and consequently satisfactory, allowing a 5 year safety certificate to be issued, or unsatisfactory. In this case a list of required remedial works would have been provided to bring the property up to scratch, then allowing the certificate to be issued by the 1st of April 2021. Failure to comply can lead to significant fines - and should there be an electrical incident at an uncertificated rental property, the penalties may be significantly higher.

However - following what has been a highly unusual year, understandably not everyone has managed to complete this process for their rental properties. WE CAN HELP!

Swift Turnaround EICR - Landlord Electrical Safety Checks

f you've missed the deadline, we will aim to provide you with the quickest turnaround possible on the test and certification process. The Government has indicated that due to issues caused by Covid-19, provided the test is done, there is an extended window to complete any remedial works required and avoid penalties, provided it can be proven the work is booked with an Electrical Contractor.

So Contact Us Now for Professional, Accredited and Insured Service at Sensible Prices!

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